HVAC Contractors: What to Expect From Your Three Categories of HVAC Contractors

An HVAC professional, also known as an HVAC contractor, is a skilled technician skilled in the field of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (also abbreviated HVAC). If you were having problems with your heating or cooling system, you may want to hire an HVAC professional to come out and inspect your home and get things back in working order. If you were needing help with duct cleaning, you may be looking for HVAC professionals in Santa Rosa to remove mold that has gotten into ducts throughout your home.

HVAC contractors can do more than just install heating and cooling systems. Some specialize in residential HVAC, while others are licensed for appliances in commercial buildings. There are professional contractors that will do work in both settings. If you were interested in researching local contractors, you could contact the Better Business Bureau, or visit the websites of local HVAC companies.

A good HVAC company should offer preventive services, such as regular furnace inspections, as well as emergency services in the form of repairs or routine maintenance. During your inspection, check to see if the technicians are able to identify problems, quickly and efficiently. Look for products that they recommend for each type of appliance, including the filters. In addition, find out whether technicians are available to respond to your needs. In some cases, there are companies that only respond to an emergency call, so it is important to know how available technicians are when you really need them.

Another thing to look for when choosing an HVAC professional is whether they use high-tech equipment that ensures proper insulation, air quality, energy efficiency, humidity control and adequate ventilation. These companies should be able to test your vents and ducts for leaks, so that HVAC problems can be identified before they get worse. In addition, HVAC technicians should be familiar with various conditioning technologies, such as chilled air and variable speed fans, as well as boiler controls and temperature limiting. They should have knowledge about humidifiers and dehumidifiers, along with recommendations for reducing indoor moisture and humidity.

While you’re considering HVAC contractors, ask what training and accreditation they have. Most states require contractors to be licensed, but not all states have that requirement. Companies that offer general contracting services, meaning they will work on anything from bathroom showers to HVAC equipment, should be licensed in most states. However, specific companies may not be licensed in all states, even though they may have training in many things like heating systems and HVAC. Some contractors may be licensed, but only because they’ve had other small contracting jobs.

You should also consider the type of HVAC work these contractors are experienced in doing. While there is some overlap in several areas, there should be strong separation between the three categories of HVAC work. For instance, a heating and cooling contractor should only be working on heating systems, while a ventilation and HVAC technician should only be working on ventilation systems. If you are not sure what kind of contractors will be right for your HVAC needs, contact licensing agencies in your area to find out who is currently licensed to work in your state and how long they have been licensed.

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