Making Your Own Crystal Keychain

If you have a home, a purse, a locker, or whatever else needs a key, odds are that you have a crystal keychain, and though there are all kinds of ways to create a key chain special and unique, none is quite as classy as a 2D crystal keychain. Why? Because a crystal keychain looks fantastic, and it’s very easy to add your own personal touches on these things, even if they are simple and functional. It is also very nice to give something to someone who comes into your life, as gifts, because even if it’s just something you picked up for them, you know that you’ve made an excellent choice. Here’s what you can do with a crystal photo keychain:

o Share your photo or photos with family and friends. Everyone loves a great photo, and a 3d crystal keychain is the perfect way to share your photos with the people in your life. All you need is a new photo, a digital camera, and a photo gift recipient in mind (i.e. mom, sister, girlfriend, best friend, mother-in-law) and a few minutes with your digital camera and you’re ready to go.

There are a lot of different ways you can save and display your favorite photos on your keychain. One of the easiest methods for displaying your favorite crystal photo is by taking a picture of a place, object, or person that makes you smile. Simply take a picture of something that attracts you, and then save it to your photo card. You can then take that picture to any 3d photo printing company, and have them print out a high-quality crystal photo for your keychain. Using this method allows you to have an original crystal photo on hand, ready to be used whenever you need it!

o Create a collage of your favorite pictures and memories. Collage stickers are a fun and unique way to display your pictures. To create a collage of memories, simply take any number of pictures and turn them into a collage using the stickers that come with most collage stickers. Display the collage on a silver chain and show everyone the photo you chose as the focal point.

o Keep your gemstones in top shape. Whether they’re diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies, keep them in a protective container to keep them sparkling. Keep your jewels in a jewelry box or a jewel storage bag in order to keep them safe from scratches. You can also purchase special crystal holders to keep your gemstones from sliding out of their holders. For added sparkle, rub your gems with geode silver chain and use them to craft necklace and bracelet pendants.

o Keep your beloved crystal points in top condition. Clean your crystal points regularly using mild soap and warm water. When cleaning your points, always use soft bristles for brushes to gently clean your points. Never rub hard bristles brushes because this may cause scratches on your crystal points.

o Craft handmade jewelry and gifts using your crystal agate geode and agate string. You can make necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings from your own crystal pieces. Purchase beads and other jewelry supplies at craft stores. Fabric your homemade creations by using fabric craft foam to tie the beads together and use a silver chain to complete the necklace or bracelet. To add a personalized touch, you could also add a small personal message on your handmade gift.

With these simple techniques, you can create an impressive collection of your own keyring and crystal jewelry. After creating your own keychain necklace, remember to shop for new crystal beads when they go on sale. For other jewelry design ideas, browse the Internet. There are many online retailers who sell crystal keychain necklaces at affordable prices.

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